Upper Pavilnys is located in the eastern part of Vilnius, the upper side of Pavilnys district, on the left side of Vilnia River. In the north it borders with Lower Pavilnys and is connected with that part by the unique Tuputiškių cobblestone serpentine road – the only serpentine in Lithuania, paved in the beginning of 20th century. In the east, Pavilnys borders Strielčiukai, Rokantiškes village and new settlements; in the south, it continues into Guriai district, and in the west, the forest separates Pavilnys from the districts of Ribiškes, Rasos and Markučiai.

In Pavilnys you will find the King of Christ and St. Baby Jesus Church and the headquarters of horse-scouts called Raitija. The area has its own renovated community house. In addition, you will find Vilnies School, Pavilnys library (est. 1948), nursery-kindergarten (est. 1987), Lithuanian Young Naturalists Station (est. 1953) and large apple tree orchards. 

The surroundings of Pavilnys are hilly and covered with forests. They are under protection of Kalnų natural reserve and Tuputiškių geomorphological reserve.

You can reach Upper Pavilnys by city bus number 31 (stops: Pavilnio sodai, Garsioji, Grūdų, Pavilnys, Gamtininkų). The living district of Pavilnys is located in the eastern part of Vilnius and got its name from the nearby river Vilnia (or Vilnele). At certain point, it became popular with intellectuals and celebrities from Vilnius city, who preferred to live in a healthier environment and surrounded by nature. Pavilnys indeed offers this, as a part of this district belongs to Pavilnys Regional Park.